An Organized Mess

One of my new favorite blogs is that of Katie Kukulka. She is stunningly beautiful and has an equally beautiful blog to go along with it {not to mention she makes the most adorable moccasins and bow belts - period!}. Please go check out her blog... you can thank me later!

Katie's recent post on an organized mess got my creative wheels spinning. I love this look and have created bits and pieces of it in my house, but it hasn't turned out entirely how I've hoped. It's definitely not as easy to achieve as it looks... it takes some serious skill to make it just right! I've recently acquired a few more vintage pieces that I think will help me complete this look in my living room {I will share pictures soon!}. For now, I'm looking to these pretties for inspiration ::

Organized Mess
Organized Mess
Organized Mess
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E(liz)abeth said...

Thanks for sharing, I love a good, new blog! And how adorable is that Sand Bow Belt?

jasmine said...

you're right. those moccasins are amazing! i LOVE them!! thank you for sharing.

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Hello darling,

I shall say: thank you for sharing this fantastic blog by Katie! :)

I love this post...and I am in love with this look as well! I saved all of these pictures.

Have a lovely day.


kelly ann said...

i LOVE this look... i've started collecting old pictures frames and little mirrors to try it myself! i especially love the first photo, SO pretty!

Krystal said...

what a fun idea! I love it - I'll look forward to seeing pics. you have a great blog here!

Elise said...

Please do share photos with me if you all try it!! I can't wait to see your inspiring walls, too!

Holly Knitlightly said...

I love her blog and I loooooove this look! Those photos are gorgeous.

Jenarcissist said...

You're so right; pulling off an organized mess is not as easy as it sounds! It's like spending forever styling your hair to look tousled like you just got out of bed...there is a perfect balance you have to strike. haha My fiance and I have a hodgepodge photo gallery on our living room wall that was inspired by my cohort KameraWhore's gallery in her living room, filled with old pictures of our grandparents. I tried not to overthink the placement too much (after all, they're only nail holes), but I laid it out on the floor first to get a general idea and then just started hanging without measuring, and it came out nice. None of the frames match or are the same size, and it's one of my favorite things about our home. We also just bought a bunch of vintage, mismatched frames and mirrors to use in our upcoming wedding, and I'm already plotting how to use them in our house when we're done! :) These photos are a great inspiration.