Fashion Muse

Sigh. I love clothing. These images are ah-mazing. I'll take every outfit, please!


Aritzia Lookbook found via Art-pixie.


A Flourishing Perspective said...

The outfit in the second picture is super cute! This Summer's fashions are the best I have seen in quite some time.

Love, love, love the third picture! So whimsical. :)

Thanks for the comment! We love getting them. Do come again and follow if you like.

Lots of love,
Rachel xx

Anonymous said...

I love the shoes in the second picture! So awesome.

Thanks for the comment!


kelly ann said...

that last photo is so dreamy and magical. loooove.

p.s. did you watch the show "the wonder years" growing up? i wore my skirt from troubadour to a film premiere this week (will send you a photo asap!), and i ran into the actress who played winnie - she was flipping out over my skirt and made me write down where it was from. ;)

rachel arnold said...

I want those blue shoes!!!!! gorgeous:)

Holley said...

Ugh!! The blue shoes are great but the dark ones on top are just stunning. I'm lusting!!