[Beautifully Creepy]

Although some of these photos slightly freak me out... I am in awe of their beauty - the colors, the body language, the texture, the originality. Stunning!

photo by Saga Sig
photo by Saga Sig
photo by Saga Sig
photo by Saga Sig

Thanks to Allister Ann for sharing Saga Sig's website. I could spend hours looking through all her photos. So inspiring!


A Flourishing Perspective said...

I agree! Some of these are so stunning. :) I love the third one! So cool.

Thanks for sharing!

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With love,
Rachel xoxo

olivia rae said...

omg, these are amazing. i love that first one especially - could definitely wake up next to that every day! xox

Rhiannon Nicole said...

The colours are fantastic. I will have to show my mom these, she would love them for sure :) Thank you! xo

kelly ann said...

these are unbelievable!! i would love one of these on my wall, they're absolutely amazing!

eliseila said...
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eliseila said...

Agreed. These are sort of creepyish, but mostly amazingly beautiful! New inspiration for my outfit tomorrow! Love it!