Carrot Top

I've decided to dye my hair over Christmas... what do you think? There is not a whole lot I can do with it right now - being the shorter length that it is - so while I grow it out, the only big change I can really get is through color. I think I might go for a pretty red. These photos of redheads are just too lovely!

Red HairRed Hair
Red Hair
Red Hair
Red Hair
Red Hair
Red Hair
Red Hair
{all photos found via we heart it}


Amanda said...

I think it will look great on you! I love changing my hair color. It has been burgundy with pink, blonde, and black. You never know until you try. For me it is just hair that can grow out and be recolored. It is another way to express yourself. can't wait to see it.

jamie said...

red would look awesome on you - just be warned - it fades quicker than any other color! it's hard to maintain... so i suggest getting a good color-safe shampoo/conditioner.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring photographs :)

Celeste said...

red is beautiful! i've always wanted red hair but since i'm filipino it doesn't really match my skin tone.. i think it'll look gorgeous on you! photos are a must :)

Jessica said...

I LOVE red hair. I am now on my third attempt (as of last night) to perfect Strawberry Blonde, but I always come up short, once I get the color I search for...I may never go back!

Dying hair is so fun though, my hair just now got long again so I've been doing the same thing for a while.

Jen said...

I love it! You have just the right complexion. Good luck.


Elise said...

thanks for all the kind words! i'm hoping it turns out well! i've been reddish before but not red red! just noticed that all the photos i posted are girls with LONG hair - of course! :) i'll post pictures, promise! xo.

AuntieAnn said...

Where are the pictures?

Elise said...

no pictures yet... the red did not turn out so well! i'm naturally blonde so my roots took the color a lot differently and turned pretty orange - yikes! hoping to get it fixed at a salon soon. :) so much for trying to save money and do it myself!