All The Pretty Birds

All The Pretty Birds

"Humans express their personalities through fashion. There are those who go along with the grain and those whose roots grow outside the field. Wherever we fall on the fashion spectrum, we are all beautiful creatures. We are all pretty birds."

- Tamu McPherson

Photos by Tamu McPherson for All The Pretty Birds.


Jenni Austria Germany said...

why won't i be wearing those wedges? because i would be 6' 5". no thank you! but it would be nice if i could. :)

Elise said...

Haha, I would be really tall in them too! I'm 5'8" -- what about you? I'd probably still do it though! I don't mind being tall... I use it to my advantage! :)

Gaby said...

What a cool quote, thanks for sharing!

kelly ann said...

i LOVE the orange/green combo in the first photo! and i would wear that last outfit every single day if i could. ;)