Atlantic Treefox

Erin Jane aka Atlantic Treefox is a fascinating artist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is the lovely lady behind my iPhone wallpaper [from yesterday's post - bottom right] and also happens to take the most dreamy photos. I'd like to live in every single one of them!

Atlantic Treefox
Atlantic Treefox
Atlantic TreefoxAtlantic Treefox
Atlantic Treefox
Atlantic Treefox
Atlantic Treefox


amber said...

these really are lovely photos!

AbbieBabble said...

These are really dreamy- I love the one of the hole in the hedge. It looks like there's a secret garden back there!

Whitney said...

Those ARE all dreamy.
I really like the light in the 2nd photo.

Franny said...

Oh, the grain and compositions! YUM!

Roxanne said...

I love the one with the ice cream cones! I just read your post below and I hope your husband's finger is healing nicely! xo