Now & Then

Mariah from Size Too Small shares some seriously lovely things on her blog. One of my absolute favorites is a series she has called Now & Then - She features a classic icon from the past and what they would wear now if they were still alive. It is really beautiful... don't you think?

Grace Kelly
Eva Peron
Amelia Earhart

Head on over there to see them all!


Krystal said...

that is a very cool feature, i love it!

Celeste said...

This is really cool! It's so interesting to see how older fashions recirculate and make their way back :)

A Flourishing Perspective said...

This is really beautiful! What a cool thing to inspirational. I love comparing things then and now.

Thanks for the comment, love!


Roxanne said...

Wow, that is such a neat idea!

NAB said...

What a cool idea!