[Wanted This Week] Melodie Adams

Wanted This Week: Melodie's Edition
Today's Wanted This Week comes from Melodie of the adorable Pink Cupcake Vintage. Melodie has an amazing eye for all things vintage and also happens to have the cutest Etsy shop for baby vintage {this sailor romper is causing me extreme baby fever}! She and her cute husband Matty recently purchased Doris - an amazing camper turned retro treat station! Hop on over to her blog and enjoy the eye candy.

Melodie calls this Joanspiration! She has been particularly inspired by Joan of Mad Men.
Joanspiration Mad Men


Amanda said...

OMG! Love the dress! I love it so much it hurts.

Elise said...

I know, right? I'm attracted to all things green!

Claggie said...

I love that green! Cute blog!

Jessica O'Brien said...

oh this series is amazing. i am about to go through all the archives!

these earrings i'm dying over would fit right in: http://www.charmandchain.com/products/mary-goodnight-earrings

xo, jessica

kayce hughes said...

So you Mel! I love it

Kellie Lutito said...

1. I LOVE melodie :) She has good taste.

2. I LOVE JOAN! We are obsessed with Mad Men and her outfits are to die for!

Krystal said...

that dress is killer!

rebekka said...

Melodie is AWESOME and so is this ensemble!!!