Things To Be Happy About

Yesterday was just one of those days... I felt overworked, under-appreciated, sore [we painted our living room this weekend] and craved nothing but junk food. I was such a complainer that I couldn't even muster up a nice blog post. Am I alone in this? Well, I'm happy to report after indulging in said junk food, a massage from my sweet hubs, a long bath and a good nights' sleep, I'm feeling much better.
The adorable Elsie of A Beautiful Mess posted a 'Things To Be Happy About' post last night, and I thought it'd be the perfect list for me to make today as well.

- A trip to St. Louis for Labor Day weekend. It's been forever since I've been there and am quite excited to visit places like this!

- Beautiful weather. The temperatures have finally dropped a bit in Nashville, making it somewhat bearable to be outside now! Yay!

- A pretty new living room. The new paint color is much darker than I expected, but I really do love it. We finally got the room all put back together last night and I can't wait to share photos soon [still have a few more things to do first].

- A date night this week with the hubs. I have been keeping us busy with house project after house project, so I know we are both so looking forward to a night that is just about the two of us.

- Some exciting new things I'm working on for Troubadour Vintage. I'll be updating you on this soon soon soon.

Now that I've started, I could go on and on. What are you most happy about today?


Katie said...

I'm happy about being able to meet baby Benjamin in about 7 weeks!

I'm happy about not having a commute to Brentwood anymore, and therefore having more time with my sweet husband.

I'm happy about my sweet puppy dogs.

and I'm happy about the chocolate chip cookies I'm about to eat. Yum!

kelsea yetton said...

Oh man, I felt the same way as you yesterday! Funny how that works. I want what you're drinking in that picture!
Love you sis.

Celeste said...

i'm glad that the bad day was remedied with a little food and love- those always do the trick. today, i'm thankful for a job that lets me work from home, my photos from europe, and that school won't start for another few weeks :)

Margarita said...

I just found your blog from an experiment in poverty! Just saying hello!

Elise said...

Love hearing what makes you all happy, too! Thanks for sharing and saying hello! :)

hannahthescribbler said...

Hmm, what I'm most happy about today...That I was just able to encourage a new friend, and our new, blossoming relationship. :o)

Have a wonderful week!!


Claggie said...

I'm most happy about the fact that my <3 is coming to visit me in less than two weeks! He has been on tour in Europe for a couple of months. I can't wait!

I love that dress in your picture. That color looks great on you!

kelly ann said...

that seafoam green colour looks lovely on you, dear.

Elise said...

Thanks ladies for the kind words! I love this dress, too... but it looks a bit scary on my pale skin in this pic. Luckily I have a bit more color now. :)

lavienouveau said...

ooo I love your dress, that is SO cute!