Hellos & Goodbyes

I've had a jam-packed couple of days that have included both happy and sad tears. Our good friend {and amazingly talented artist} Greg Sczebel just got into town for a few days... We spent last night laughing over Mexican food, devouring yummy frozen yogurt and playing some Canadian trivia {who knew their alphabet ends in zed and they eat something called poutine?}.

This morning I enjoyed a farewell coffee and crepes with my dear friend Kelli Trontell. I've blogged about her often -- her creativity, photography and sweet spirit continually amaze me. Kelli and her husband are packing up and moving to Montana next week! I will miss her dearly but can't wait to visit her out west SOON!

Hellos & Goodbyes
[top photo by Katie Moore | bottom photos by Kelli Trontell]


jasmine said...

:( it's so sad when good friends move...even if it is an exciting move for them. at least you have a place to stay in montana now!

and at least you have the most amazing shoes on in that first photo!

seriously, amazing. where did you get them?

(i feel like this is how our blog friendship is going to continue..."where'd you get this? where'd you get that?")


Elise said...

Oh, THANKS girl! I love these shoes, too! They are actually from the Nine West outlet so I'm thinking they have been around for awhile... so cute though, right?!

And yes... we will probably do a lot of 'where'd you get this?' and that. :)

brittany said...

what a little doll you are, e-baby! i sat on that exact corner doing the exact same thing last monday :) the most fun! lets do it together sometime. i love you!!

olivia rae said...

i saw that photo on twitter and could not stop staring at it!!! looks like it could be a styled photoshoot, yet you guys are just hanging out. so relaxed and genuine. i love love love it. xox

Holly Knitlightly said...

Poutine is AWESOME! Well, I hate gravy so I cooooover it in ketchup. I LOVE ketchup. Haha. I never used to like it, but now I love it. Mostly after a few drinks. Those crepes look DELISH! Bummer about your friend moving, but it totally gives you an excuse for a road trip! :)

Elise said...

B - let's definitely do it together SOON!!! I miss you in my life.

Olivia - you are so sweet! Aren't candid shots the best? Such a fun night.

Holly - I must try poutine soon!! I've heard so so much but am honestly a bit freaked out by it. :)

heather said...

i first tried poutine on a grade 7 (another canadian thing) trip to quebec. i ate it at a little restaurant overlooking montmorency falls. guess what i wish i'd thrown over the falls? my poutine. i'm certain i offended my quebecois host family for not finishing this delicacy, which they even serve at mcdonalds!

i've been a bad canadian until this year, when an american friend and i spent the afternoon in the lounge of the fairmont pacific rim, overlooking the olympic flame and dining on BC pinot noir and braised short rib poutine. incroyable!

looks like a fun evening. one thing i know america does well is frozen yogurt. though what i'd really love to try is paletas...


YOU are so so sweet. My heart was happy to spend a morning with you over coffee & crepes! I ALWAYS love our time and conversations together.

YES!!!!!! You will definitely have to make a trip to Montana. You will love it. I know it!

Thank you for being such a sweet friend. I miss you already....XOXO