[Fashion] Color Me Pretty

Summer is here and the weather is just begging me to go outdoors! I am excited to finally see some color for the season. My wardrobe consists of lots of black, blue and gray with pops of color here and there, but I'm determined to get out of my comfort zone.

Have some fun with color and patterns this season... Beat the heat with flowy dresses or easy tanks. Afraid of too much color? Try a fun hue on your nails or with some sunglasses. Keep things soft and au naturel with your makeup to complete the look.


NAB said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE that umbrella!!! (but not the price tag :-o & since I have horrible luck with umbrellas, I guess I'll just have to admire it through the web)

Nice picks on the other stuff. Very cute & trendy.

Claire Elizabeth said...

I saw Hall & Oates in concert recently. That song is definitely on my summer mix! :)


heather said...

my friend has the rebecca taylor dress (do NOT go shopping with me if you want to keep your savings account!) no but seriously, it's looks great on - good pick !

Bridget said...

there are some looovely items there.