The Aftermath

Downtown Nashville Floods

The sun is shining today in Nashville. Below is a beautiful video created by Michael Deppisch. Sadly, this doesn't even convey so much of the devastation to a lot of different areas here in Tennessee. It's heartbreaking to see my city this way. So many people in need.


Zelda was a writer said...

terrible!! are you ok? :(

Whitney said...

Y'all are all in my prayers.
It's so weird to see Nashville like that.
( still and know that I am God... maybe Psalm 46 can be of some comfort to you)

kelly ann said...

so sad. :( such a tragedy, i hope your city finds restoration - i really do. i've never been to nashville, but it seems so magical and full of warmth.

sarah sue said...

wow. i am so sorry for what everyone must be going through in your city. it must be so hard... you will all be in my prayers. keep strong faith through this!

Wild and Precious said...

i got out today in west nash with HON... it was so eye opening... it was great though to see all the others helping.