[They Call Me Oscar]

Wow! Without question, this dress stole my heart last night. Rachel McAdams looked so breathtaking in a gorgeous, romantic Elie Saab gown. Hands down... my favorite!!

Rachel McAdams Oscar Dress 2010 Elie Saab

Did you have a favorite look? Honestly, I was less than impressed by many of the celeb choices - especially some unflattering fits!

Here are some others that I thought were quite pretty ::

Oscar Dresses 2010 Zoe Saldana Elizabeth Banks Carey Mulligan


jilian dee said...

sigh, i looove all of those, makes me want to create a big fancy gown like them. haha

olivia rae said...

I absolutely loved Rachel's dress too. But I agree, some dresses were just so unflattering I couldn't believe it!

celebrittany said...

looove everything rachel does! and carey mulligan's black prada is ridiculously gorge.

molly said...

when my husband saw rachel mcadams he said "she looks pretty," which i thought was cute, because i totally agree. her dress looked like a beautiful watercolor painting, and her subtle hair and makeup complimented her look nicely.

hoje vou casar assim said...

Rachel's dress was also my favourite :)

(anyway... I think Elie Saab is a genius!)