Easy DIY Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter Nail Polish DIY Happy Birthday Lippmann

Remember when this nail polish was my 'Wanted This Week' a few weeks ago? Well, I'm so excited to have found this amazingly easy DIY on Inspired Kara - a perfect substitute for an $18 polish! Why didn't I think of this? Off to the craft store!

1. Take a bottle of clear nail polish - a half empty one works best.

2. Head to craft store for tubes of glitter! Pick your desired color(s).

3. Create a small funnel out of paper.

For the rest of the instructions, click here!


heather said...

LOVE this! i have some glitter polish from paul & joe (aka the most beautiful cosmetic line/packaging period) but this could totally save cash... except for the fuel costs of crossing the city to find glitter & nail polish ;-)

kaylamarie said...

I love Sephora by OPI glitter nail polish ... It's Bouquet With Me! and it is only $9.00

My Owl Barn said...

I am forwarding a link of this to my sister who will love it!

t said...

Cool DIY!


Iva said...

THIS IS COMPLETELY AWESOME!!! {yes, all caps lol}

pink cupcake vintage said...

such a great idea! I wanted this for NYE and went to Woo and the lady rolled her eyes at me. neat.