Daydreaming :: Fixer-Upper

I have been on a new house kick. Don't get me wrong, I looove my home but have always dreamed of buying a fixer-upper and starting from scratch. I would love it! Today I find myself day-dreaming over these lovely images...

Dreamy Kitchen
Dark Accents
Pretty Fuschia Room
Dark Bathroom
Regal Bathroom
All images found on Apartment #34.


chelsea said...

These are all so dreamy!

kelsea yetton said...

I have always LOVED the idea of fixer uppers. We definitely have an extreme case for our house! But I love old homes so dearly. They have a whole world of character! Love ya sis

passport in my pocket said...

that bathroom is to die for!!

and side note, I love the header of your blog. Did you design that yourself?

recho said...

love all white although i my lifestyle would never allow it to stay clean!