Snowed In!

Snow Love

This weekend was a fun one. We got snowed in, and this time, it was for real. We had about five inches of snow and the city closed down. It was so beautiful and we soaked up every minute of it - watched a whole season of The Office, made lots of snacky foods, drank some vino and even had a snowball showdown. I've never seen so much snow in Nashville! Hope your weekend was lovely as well!

Snow Love
Snow Love
Snow Love
Snow Love
Snow Love


Zelda was a writer said...


olivia rae said...

amazing! wish i was there for it. you look absolutely stunning! xo

Celeste said...

that looks like so much fun and you're so pretty!

Lindsey said...

Love love love it. Now it's kiiiiinda like you went to Utah for Christmas.

Whitney said...

Man, snow is just so beautiful!
You look pretty darned gorgeous yourself.
B'ham didn't get any of that blessing...we sure did get the temperature though!

AuntieAnn said...

No, Linds! She didn't get to meet you!!!!

Lorelai Jean said...

Oh that's so funny that five inches made the city shut down! Here in Montana ten inches doesn't make us blink lol