[Holiday Sets]

Back in October, I had the opportunity to work with a couple of fantastic photographers here in town - Kelli Trontel and Samantha Bean. I helped them create three different set-ups for a Christmas photo shoot event and I think they turned out quite lovely!

Christmas Shoot 1
Christmas Shoot 2


Celeste said...

i love the use of hanging objects. it makes everything seem more magical <3

mina said...

that looks like it was so much fun to set up!

A "cheery" disposition said...

i am so in love the the pom pom.. i want to make them for my house.

Whitney said...

Just have to say, Birmingham is an excellent place to come!
We have a LOT of places to eat, things to do, you just have to get creative and keep an eye out :D

Plus, we have extremely delicious ribs...go to Dreamland.

Elise said...

thanks everyone! it definitely was so much fun! i highly recommend creating the pom pom vines - so cute!

Kelli Trontell {Photography} said...


I LOVED collaborating with you on this project. You are so much fun to work with...and to dream ideas up with! I have a few other ideas in mind....and I will be emaling you soon. Lets do it all over again!

Thank you so much for making our event that much more magical. Love Love Love YOU!