{Happy In Love}


I am so blessed to have the sweetest husband ever {I may be a bit biased...}. He is the most selfless, generous and amazing man I know. I am beyond grateful for him in my life. Hard to believe we've been married for for almost 15 months now! Just feeling a little lovey-dovey today with Valentine's Day just around the corner. What are you thankful for today?

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Zelda was a writer said...

i'm thankful to be constantly hopeful, for my family and for plenty of little things that make me happy and colourful. one of these is your today's post ;)

Zelda was a writer said...

the terrible translation of my post is:

"Sssst ... silence and noise. i'm listening to the words that the far side of me whispers and wear myself out with the indolence of these days. These are hours of patient listening to the hidden part of me that only asks white, cuddling, lace, enchantment, nature and color.
Tomorrow will be better: Zelda, a multitude of small particles of dust and I, are sure about that."

sorry, i'm not good in english :(

ps: i love your blog, i got enrolled in it and i'm waiting new posts... so, please, write soon ;)

Whitney said...

I'm thankful for SO much today. My mom and I did a bible study this morning on being thankful, and I just looked around and saw how blessed I am. (haha, no husband yet ;D)

But I'm always thankful for being able to drive around, sunshine in my face, and blasting the music.

3StinkyBoysAndMe said...

I am thankful for so much, but my husband and my two boys bless my life in ways I could never fully express. They are my everything and I am beyond thankful.

AuntieAnn said...

i know you love the guy, but are you sure you're not trying to butter him up for that puppy?