[Pajaki] Folk Art Chandeliers

I could not be more smitten with these amazing Polish folk art paper chandeliers [Pajaki - literally translated as spider of straw]. Many crafty bloggers have created their own versions inspired by ones found at the Polish Art Center. If only I were so creative!


Lindsey said...

You know, I love these too, but I think you have to have just the right space to display these in. I have a feeling that in my messy home, things are not polished enough to allow such juvenille colorsplashes, or at least be taken more seriously than a kindergarden art project.

And it's been a while, but I love your new blog header.

Will miss you this Christmas. Have fun wherever you end up, love. And kiss Trav for me (or for Jon, whatever he likes).

Elise said...

i can see what you mean! but somehow, i'd find a place for it in my home - haha! i love it too much... so pretty! :)

thanks for your sweet comments. so glad you like the new blog look! will miss you at christmas too - have a merry one! love to you and the fam!