Over The River & Through The Woods

You may have noticed I took a brief hiatus from the blog for a few days... from my computer in general, really. I had some downtime to rest, get chores done, find inspiration {away from the computer!} and even managed to come down with a crappy stomach bug. I am feeling very refreshed and am so happy to have arrived in Colorado yesterday for a couple days with my parents and my brother. I'm already missing my man but am super grateful for video chats!

Some realizations made at the airport yesterday ::

1. Working at the airport would be complete and utter chaos.

2. I really really dislike traveling without my hubs. He makes everything more fun!

3. It's so fun running into friends randomly in a Dallas airport terminal {especially when I live in Nashville and they live in Hollywood}.

4. There are lots and lots of triangles at the airport. Have you ever noticed? The seat cushions, the carpets, wall decorations... take a look around next time, you'll be surprised.

5. I hate that "sick to your stomach" feeling that seems to be inevitable when waking up early {my morning started at 4:30 AM - yuck!}. Am I the only one that always feels this when flying?

We had a very relaxed day here in snowy Colorado. It is just so gorgeous and gets me even more in the holiday spirit! I snapped a few photos on the iPhone today {hence the not-so-awesome quality} that I thought I would share. I'm looking forward to several days of shopping, eating home-cooked meals, thrifting, playing with the puppy, reading by the fireplace and catching up with my sweet family.

Shoes & Snow

Happy Monday!


celebrittany said...

iiiiiis... that deer... alive? looks so purty up there! hope you have the loveliest time ever :) love you, e!
xoxo -b

Elise said...

YES! a real deer... crazy huh? you can see her friends in the background. there were so many of them. love you too, beauty!

Anonymous said...

oh my!! i am so jealous of the SNOW!!! i need to move somewhere so i can be around gorgeous snow like this all winter long:) hope you ar ehaving a blast!