Cozy Dreams

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Is anyone else SO excited for the holidays? November is my favorite time of year {check back this weekend to see one of the reasons why}! I completely adore the holiday season - lots of delicious food, family time, fires in the fireplace, gingerbread houses, pretty lights and merry decorations!

I have already been hard at work on my wishlist and have even begun to pull out the holiday music classics {my personal favorites are Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald}. Something about the ever-changing leaves and cozy sweaters is so calming and puts me in the best mood!

But... I need your help. I need tips for making my small nest festive this year - I love homemade goodies but don't want to overdo it! What are your tricks? I have some things in mind but figured you creative souls would have some fresh ideas and perspective! Please, do share!

Sweet garland.

Winter Wish Carnival Tickets.

Wee little fabric acorns.

Did anyone recognize Iris' precious cottage from The Holiday in the top photo? Love that movie! :)


sarah sue said...

i love this post!!! i am beyond excited for the holiday season! it’s my favorite! these pictures are so lovely!! :) also, i love love love the movie the holiday, it’s so cute! and christmas music by frank sinatra and ella fitzgerald is the best out there! yay!

Fern said...

I personally love bunting. It's so cute, easy to make and looks very festive!

¶ M said...

The next thing I'm eager about is of course Christmas! where everything comes together and its just oh so perfect :)