[Fashion] Fall Styling Tips

Sweaters, hoodies, boots, tights... Sure, you might think of these basic things when you think fall fashion. But today, I'm going to show you some playful and unexpected things to try this season! The last thing we need is boring in the coming chilly months - so spice things up with these fall essentials::

1. Thigh High Boots

Higher, higher, higher. Try thigh high boots this season for an unexpected, lady-like look. Pick a simple, wearable boot to pair with a modest hemline. Keyword: Modest!

Smart Choice:
$185 Jeffrey Campbell Over The Knee Boot available here.

2. Purple

Purple is all over the place this season - but I'm especially loving this eggplant color! I've found that this color really looks great on most skin tones, too!

Smart Choice:
$38 Solid Boyfriend Cardigan available here.

3. Military Jacket

The military look is HUGE for fall... I mean, huge! Pair it with some skinny jeans and a simple blouse. This jacket makes a statement enough on its own!

Smart Choice:
$37.80 Bell Hop Blazer available here.
{I also have some cute, affordable options available on Troubadour Vintage}

4. Bold & Patterned Tights

Buy yourself a great pair {or three... or four!} of tights this fall! Such an inexpensive, smart way to add a "pop" to your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to try something brighter {bold red is in!} and play with textures.

Smart Choice:
$14 Open Crochet Tight available here.

I would love to answer your fashion or styling questions. Please share your questions, comments or concerns by e-mailing me or posting a comment below.


allister ann said...

i own that smart choice blazer...and love it:)


Ellie said...

Um, here I am trying to work on your blog, being all distracted by boot goodness. LOL. Where did you find that second pair, the taupe lace-up ones?

Ok, I'll get back to work now...

{Pennyweight} said...

haha... you're too cute! glad i could distract you! they're versace, $$$$ of course. :)

thanks for all your hard work!

Lindsey said...

Man, can't you find me some knock off boots at, say, a quarter of the price?

Fern said...

Such great ideas! Makes me wish I didn't live in Australia where it is soooo hot already!

Kelli Trontell {Photography} said...

OH I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
thanks for all the great ideas :)