A Fine Mess

This has been a very melancholy week for me. I saw this picture and it seemed to fit my mood nicely. I have so many different emotions right now - excited, happy, peaceful, content, frustrated, anxious, sad, nervous, thankful and more... the list could go on and on. Overall, I'm feeling great but a little all over the map. How are you feeling this week?

{photo via my polaroid blog}


mrs. prevost said...

same here girl!
hopefully your weekend will be just what you need :)

Micaela said...

yes, this photo captures your mood very nicely.

i'm feeling... exhausted, excited for tomorrow, fat :P , lost, thankful.

wow, i'm just as all over the map aren't i?

that said, I hope one thing you AREN'T feeling is alone. i'm here.


Lindsey said...

How am I feeling? Well, lately I've felt just like your photo, but adding a big scribble of black oil pastel in some very erratic and frustrated ways. Just scribbling ON, not scribbling OUT.

fashionable said...
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