Here's To Happiness

I love these "happy lists" that Naomi has been posting on her lovely blog lately. This is a week where I've really needed happy lists. Please do share yours! Mine is coming next week {when things hopefully slow down a bit}.

Here's today's list from Heather of 10 things that make her terribly happy:
  1. browsing the travel guidebook section of the local bookstore
  2. receiving hand-written mail from an old friend
  3. the sound of sprinklers in the summer
  4. thunderstorms
  5. buying old postcards at the flea market
  6. candid photos
  7. organizing my closet
  8. salmon/avocado rolls
  9. the start of a new season
  10. a romantic dinner at a sidewalk cafe
Photo by Romeika Cortez.


naomi megan. said...

hooray! thanks for this! can't wait to read yours!


Celeste said...

i really love that naomi has started to post happy lists again! here is one of my many lists:

1. the sound of my mother's sewing machine
2. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8
3. tulips
4. perfectly imperfect photos
5. tea parties
6. meaningful tattoos
7. the movie "up"
8. cooking with david
9. "dancing in the moonlight" - both song and action
10. old couples still in love

i can't wait to see more lists on your blog!


jenniferleigh said...

hi elise! it's jennifer. i've been having such a bummed out kinda day, and i'm so glad you posted this great idea!

i can't wait to beat my rut with a happy list!

Micaela said...

ooh summer thunderstorms- such a good one!

here's my little list of happiness:

1. puppy kisses
2. movie previews
3. childhood stories
4. wearing high heels
5. Elton John on the radio
6. thunderstorms
7. kindness (and being kind) to strangers
8. big hugs
9. my twin sis, who i call my twinkie
10. Van Gogh paintings

agreed, can't wait to see more lists on your happy blog!