The Great Outdoors

Outdoor Spaces
One day I will have a gorgeous outdoor space... whether that be a screened-in porch, garden, sunroom or the like. I love pretty, relaxing getaways like this where you can kick off your shoes and grab a good book. Did I mention I started Harry Potter? The hubs is a huge fan and has been encouraging me to read them for quite some time. I only agreed to one book, but I must admit, now that I've started, I just may have to read them all! What are you reading these days and where would you love to escape to with your book?

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Timber said...

I'm on book 6 of Harry Potter... you'll love them! Soooo addicting. Next I have some C S Lewis and I wanna conquer the Jane Austen books. I'm fascinated by her, I just need to read her books now :)

adventures of a ginger said...

i decided to re-read jane eyre recently. picked up a great hardback copy from bookman/bookwoman and got started. much better than i remember from highschool! :)

and harry is wonderful. i just know you'll fall in love with it.