Hazy Day

Today was a really, really hard day. There's not a lot of words to put to my emotions right now, I just feel a bit lost in a haze. It really has been such a surreal several hours. At about 2:30 pm this afternoon, I got pulled out of a meeting at work to hear that my husband had been in a car accident. Luckily, he is alright - nothing more than aches, scrapes and bruises {and a burn from the air bag}. Travis had been driving and looking for a certain street to turn on, wasn't paying attention and ended up running a stoplight, only to crash head-on with another car.

I left the office as soon as I could and my stomach turned as my brother-in-law pulled us into the driveway. Our car {that we bought just two months ago}:

Cars can be fixed. I'm just so thankful to have my love safe at home. Thanks for all your prayers.


Lindsey said...

Oh, Elise. I am so thankful Trav is ok. This boy doesn't need to be in any more car accidents! Poor Ann is shaken up too. Did you read what happened to my own brother-in-law's car here?:

This is my husband's new blog.

Tell Trav not to freak us out any more.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, you guys. Just grateful with you that Trav is OK. Please tell him we love him an are glad he's alive.
Rach and Rog