I would consider myself a very visually creative person... the root of my creativity comes from the things and places that I can see, touch and experience visually. I've pulled together some of my favorite photos from Photoholic and am feeling very inspired today... Now if only I could get outside with a camera to relish this gorgeous day!

{photo credits} 1. cappucino by ineedchemicalx 2. grace-notes by moggsterb 3. rainbow by friedemann 4. breakfast by dizzi-bizzi 5. brushes by beth teresi 6. loving pencils by legendsoriental


kelli said...

uhhhh, WOW!!!!

thanks for the overload of creative inspiration. love it!!

Lindsey said...

Elise, you are so incredibly gifted I am blown away, a little intimidated, and more than a little jealous.

I wanted to say hello to the newest Yetton; I knew Trav when he was just an awkward little tyke whose mom wouldn't let him drink coffee for fear of what he could accomplish.

We just had dinner with Ann and Dana, they were here in San Diego, and as parents do, they bragged on their kids. Your blog was one think Ann wanted me to visit, and now that I have, I think I'll just stay awhile. Your blog is a place for my eyes and spirit to rest a while, as well as a place to bolster my creativity.

Your photos are beautiful (I too would consider you a very creative person) and I loved the Lille video (hadn't seen that one)...I think I'll show it to my art students: new project anyone?

So that's it for the excessively long comment. I just love you and your sweet hubby. Please kiss him for me and Jon.