Mikky Ekko

My husband Travis and I were so privileged to have a friend and local artist, Steve Sudduth, {aka Mikky Ekko} sing at our wedding. His EP, Strange Fruit, came out a couple weeks ago on iTunes, and it hasn't stopped playing at our house since. You have to go listen to "Sedated" right now!

{photo by jessica valle}


pink cupcake vintage said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog! love yours!

Asylum Dolly said...

I was recently introduced to the beauteous voice of this man by anonline buddy. I can't think of a cooler wedding singer! I actually stumbled across your blog while searching for photos of Mikky Ekko, as i draw a lot of portraits, and wanted to draw a portrait of him. (I'm creepy). But i thought you would appreciate knowing that your friends' talent is recognised all the way over here in Australia, so decided to leave this comment and help spread the love :) I wish him all the success that he deserves.
Hope your wedding day was beautiful too!